Project: Hungergames 2.0


Battle Royal Modification for Warband and Bannerlord

The goal is, well, to survive. Everyone spawns at the starting position, after the countdown, you can either try to get some weapons right at the beginning, or go and find yourself better equipment somewhere in the arena, there are lots of hideouts where you can find rare weapons. You can explore dungeons, buildings, ruins or even old temples / places. But beware of traps, those can be a quick death for you. You can even build teams together with your friends and form your own little „districts“. If you die, you are no longer in the games and need to wait for the next match.

Play Hungergames!

Features of Hungergames

Persistent RPG Content

While playing you receive a lot of cosmetic items, mysterious chests, gold and experiences. These will be saved even if you leave the server. The amout of experience determine which title you have. So will you become the Emperor? 

Quick Start

Playing Hungergames doesn’t require any special configuration. If you play on the Mount and Blade: Warband server, you just can join Trinity_Hungergames. However we recommand to register and use the Hungergames Dashboard for setting up and customize your personal persistent character!

Registering is pretty easy. First you register on the Dashboard with your mail and desired password. At the Dashboard you will get asked for a token. You receive it by joining the server or entering /token ingame. Just enter this on the website and you have registered successfull on Hungergames. It doesn’t even take one minute! 

And a lot of features...

Air drops, starving, spectator deathmatch, local chat (20 meter radius), chat commands and a lot of more features are waiting for being used. We’re working even on more features to give you an unique play experience.