Thank you very much for your interest to join our Clan! First and foremost, we take new members within our Teams. So feel free to contact one of our members from the Recruitment Department of the desired team you want to join. At the page Members and Leadership you will find the contacts of the members. In order to join Trinity, we expect you to read and accept the Rules and Regulations of our Clan, the Team you want to join and the server rules. There you also will find more information about our clan life.

You are more than welcome to send us the completed template below or just easily contact us informally:

Current Age: 

Prefered Playstyle (Competitive or Casual?):  
Primary Class (Infantry, Cavalry, Ranger?): 
Secondary Class (Infantry, Cavalry, Ranger?): 
Clan experiences in Mount and Blade: 
How long do you play Mount and Blade: 

Reason for joining Trinity:
Read and accept the regulations and rules (Yes / No):

Discord ID: 
Steam ID: