Developer Team

Project Leader & Head Developer
Krex (External)
Co-Project Leader & Developer


Gotha: Developing the initial Hungergames Modification for Mount and Blade: Warband

Krex, Nero and Raggae for creating amazing the maps! 



We are happy if we you do with the project a joy. However servers and licences want to get paid as well. We invest a lot of time and money to the development and would be happy if you appreciate it with a donation. Thanks in advance.

Technologies and Development

Our Portfolio

While using the specific ingames like the Warband Module System, we also use known state-of-the-art techniques for the development, like Spring Boot for the backend and Angular for the frontend. For virtualisation and Continious Delivery we use Docker on an Ubuntu plattform. User management runs via Keycloak.

In the future we we’ll use Python and the AI framework TensorFlow for statistics purpose. An example of a usage is the computation of the expecting round time and more complicated computations. 

Joining our Project Team?

We always search for new members for our project team. It’s not mandatory to be part of the Clan or having perfect developing skills in all areas. That’s how it’s not working. If you are interested to contribute your part in any of the following areas we are happy for having you in our team by contacting the Project Leaders (see above):